iOS Development Course


I’m giving a two day course in beginning programming and iOS Development.

Day 1 is a general introduction to programming and doesn’t require anything but a big interest. We’ll start with plain C and move in to Objective-C and Swift from a general perspective. General structure of a program. Talk about manual memory management to modern garbage collecting environments. Intro to Object Oriented Programming (OOP).

Day 2 is focused on iOS and OS X and continues from day 1 into the next level of programming. Requirement is basic programming knowledge and in particular Object Oriented Programming. We’ll repeat OOP concepts, move deeper into specific OOP paradigms like MVC, MVVM, UIView, Controllers, iOS/OSX Storyboards, etc.

Both days will contain hands-on exercises.

The course will be given monday 21 and tuesday 22 of march between 09.00 and 17.00. The course will be given in Swedish (but could also be in English if everyone is happy with that).


Download the full course description and information on how to sign up here.

Understanding the Lingo


Being a newbie to development, and particularly iOS/OSX development, there’s a lot of words and glossary that can be a bit complicated to understand at first. Also, depending on background, your friends and colleagues may use other glossary (or even home-cooked glossary) that might confuse you even more.

So, take a look at this list trying to give a concise explanation of a lot of buzzwords you might encounter.

Hello, I’m baaaack…


After almost seven years as an employee, I have decided to go back being an independent developer running my own business.
Not as scary as the first time back in the early 90’s when the kids were small and we just signed up to buy our house… 😉

So, what’s on the menu from now on?
Well, I will offer my services as an iOS and OS X Developer to customers as well as giving iOS/OS X Developer training on both beginner and advanced level. Think schools, organisations, communities, etc.
Also mentoring in programming projects and promote C/Objective C/Swift development in general.

Interested? Drop me an email on the address ulfis (at) and we’ll talk more.